Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Short and Sweet

Okay, short and sweet.  I now have the Weathermakers music video posted under the FILM section.  It’s also on the new Darcy Lyle Production Youtube page and on the Weathermakers website which also has a cool music player, some photos and other info on the band. 
Please, check out the video and let me know what you think and then come down to the Pump on Aug 20th and vote for it to win the OIFF Music Video Challenge.

In other news, I’m hoping to have a new and improved blog up just as soon as I have time to sit down and figure it out.

Stand Up

I had planned to write earlier but time just flies by, and when it’s 40 degrees you just want to sit in front of the fan, open a beer, and talk about how hot it is.                But, onward I must go.

Last time we spoke, I stated that I want to use this to be more motivated on production, and that I’m starting with a music video.  Well, since then I’m now working on another project, doing some shooting and lighting on a short film that’s combining live action and stop motion.  Very exciting.  This has been and will be keeping me busy most weekends for the rest of the summer.  I’m also looking at two other projects doing some shooting ( my love ) on one and some editing ( my passion ) on another.  Even if I don’t get them I’m glad the motivation is there and it feels great just to pursue them. 

Okay...  The music video is done and will be up in the media section soon.  I am very pleased with it, but a part of me wants to keep tweaking it.  Take a frame out here, add a second or two there, maybe use the closeup over the wide shot.  The band has seen it and likes it, which makes me happy.  Then again I’m always happy when people like my stuff.

The video is entered in the OIFF video contest. The video contest launches the festival at the Pump on August 20th 2010.  So mark your calendars and save the date.  It’s a Friday.  Come down and vote for my video so I can win some money.  I might buy you a beer. ( no i won’t )

Now a minor clerical detail.  My old email is garbage and hasn’t worked for 2 weeks so I have a new one and it’s in the ABOUT ME section.

Thanks everyone for the feed back, and check out my Facebook page.

It’s a brand new day

So, the first blog, the site is up and ready for me to show people.  I’m hoping to use this thing as motivation to begin working in film again.  Shooting, editing, producing and so on.  Lots of ideas in my head and now is the time to try and get them out to the rest of the world.

And this begins with a music video.  The band is The Weathermakers, they are awesome so check them out.  They have graciously agreed to let me experiment with making them a video.  I’m shooting the entire thing with a digital still camera on drive mode and then dropping them into final cut and creating a quasi stop motion video.  It’s going well but still lots to do to get it done by the 30th.

So, again, the adventure begins.